What an amazing 5 days, albeit exhausting, at the Byron Bay’s Bluesfest. Seeing artists like Santana, Mavis Staples, Beth Hart and Buddy Guy. Then, my fav band of all, OKA – Australian Indigenous music, which according to them, is a fusion of eclectic world sounds, roots, dub, reggae, jazz and organic electronica. Whatever, it’s  awesome dance medicine!

I again was part of the Te Kopere Maori Healing Group which offered workshops and healings at the Boomerang part of Bluesfest. When I lived in New Zealand for 9 years in the late 70’s and early ’80s, I met Maori Elder, Teacher and Healer, Aunty Olive Bullock (now passed onto the Spirit realms). She recognised me as her daughter from another life-time and treated me as one of her daughters in this life-time, teaching me and inviting me to do healings with her. What a gift.

I love the story of how we met – I was in the music industry in Wellington, NZ at the time, with my then husband. We were invited to an event but I wasn’t really in the mood. ” Come on Lin, Christine wants to meet you” he said. When we arrived at the party, Christine found me and said “Oh so you’re going to start a dance class”…. I was flabbergasted! How on earth could anyone know I’d just made enquiries that day about a dance class!  I figured she worked there and must have remembered my name. Not so… as it turned out, she was psychic and of course, I was fascinated. We became really good friends and she hence introduced me to her huge Maori family, including her Mum, Aunty Olive.

A highlight for me at the Boomerang, was participating in the Sacred Ceremonial Circle  with all the other Indigenous performers – what an honour. Here are some pics and a video.

Before I go, a reminder that booking deposits close for both the Sedona-Hopi Spiritual Retreat (14 nights 29 May – 12 June 2017)  and the Mount Shasta Retreat of Mystery (11 nights from 15 – 26 June 2017) on 28th April 2017. ONLY 10 DAYS TO GO so if you’re tempted, please COME!

Till next time. Bless, Lin xx

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