So how did you spend the Winter Solstice? Over here on Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay, it’s been rainy for days, weeks mostly, so it was so great to have a bit of patchy blue sky yesterday to go for a walk and spend time attuning to nature.

I chose to go for a walk on the Brunswick Heads pier where the  ocean coming over the bar into the Brunswick river reflected back to me such strength and chaos.

I’d been going through a lot over the past couple of days. It felt like a painful boil wanting to burst.. As I gazed out at the strong currents, I imagined what it would be like being in that narrow canal being swished this way and that, at the mercy of the waves. Would I be dashed onto the surrounding rocks? This felt like a parallel to the tumultuous time I was having in my own life. It seemed as though the only way, would be to totally let go and let myself be carried by the currents, all the while, staying connected to my Inner Self which is always present, even when I can’t feel it. I know this to be true, so it’s like letting go of the oars and letting the boat (my Inner Self) take me home whether it be to safe shores, or to my demise. Either way, what to do – the currents were way too strong to swim against.

Can any of you relate?

After breathing in the wild salty air, and returning to my car, I noticed a deep calm come over me. It seemed to happen by itself – all I did was notice it. I felt such gratitude and relief for this respite from the turbid play of the emotions and mind. Even though, at the time, I couldn’t seem to stop them, I was aware of them, so I knew that this too shall pass, although it did take a bit of convincing! I also realized that by this time, the solstice had peaked at 2.29pm and the sun had moved into the sign of Cancer.

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PS – I forgot to take my iPhone with me so I’ll have to post pics of the river/bar next time it’s wild to add to this blog

Here’s an exquisite image of Brunswick Heads Breakwater, NSW –  2 days later – totally opposite of what I’ve just described – such peace, beauty, wonder

Lin x

Sunset Brunswick Heads

Stunning, calm, exquisite

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