*Spiritual Connection with a Dolphin* I’m excited about going dolphin kayaking on Friday in beautiful Byron Bay, my home for nearly thirty years. Weather permitting as it’s been really wet this week, although it’s supposed to be sunny then. I might even see a turtle or two floating on the water if it’s calm enough. We have a large population of over 1000 bottle nosed dolphins here at Cape Byron, although according to research only about a third, remain here throughout the year, mostly females and calves. A precious memory I have was once, while standing on a cliff face overlooking the ocean, seeing a mother and her calf. For ages, over and over again, with the utmost patience, the mother taught her little one to swim (not too close to the rocks). I felt so privileged to witness this spiritual teacher. These pods of dolphins use sonar to search for their food (small fish), by emitting clicking sounds and listening for the return echoes to reveal the whereabouts and shape of their prey. They love catching the waves with surfers out at The Pass, a favorite ‘surfie’ hangout. What a mystical experience it must be to surf the waves with a dolphin. Amazing! Bottlenose dolphins have the second largest brain to body mass ratio of any mammal (humans are the first). Did you know dolphins are the most important totem of the local Arakwal aboriginal people. On our forthcoming Hawaii Tour with Sacred Travels we will be swimming with wild spinner dolphins in the waters of Big Island, Hawaii. What an awesome experience that is. I remember a dolphin coming over to me and blowing magical rings. I cherish that memory and the intimate encounter of just being with a spiritual being in its natural habitat and that it felt safe to come over and share that with me. Please have a look at the forthcoming tours on www.sacredtravels.com.au especially the first tour in June to Hawaii. Come and join us. Bye for now. Lin

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