*Spiritual Center – Wollumbiny Momily * Yesterday I felt the call to visit Wollumbiny Momily (Wollumbin) again for the Autumn Equinox. After an incredible day on Friday, paddling out on the kayak with a group of others, in glorious Byron Bay, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day after a week of rain. Incredibly, a pod of around forty dolphins came swimming toward us. It felt like heaven being greeted by this spiritual intelligence. They played and glided through the swells, swam under the kayaks (the water was so crystal clear) and hung around for the whole time we were out there. It seemed like these spiritual beings thrived on our delighted oohs and aahs, not wanting us to leave. I couldn’t have ask for more – what a blessed birthday I had. We were also joined by turtles coming so close, one swam right in front of my kayak. So, yesterday, despite the weather forecast predicting heavy rain, I set off to visit our sacred mountain, Wollumbin. The rain held off and I was bathed in the lush green palm forests, thick with foliage and wet raindrops. The creeks were running strongly and I gave thanks as I filled up my water bottles with fresh clean pure water, sending love to all the waters of our sacred earth. A great day to set my intentions as the Equinox symbolizes a time of balance when the day and night are equal length and the seasons change. In traditional cultures, the autumn equinox has been celebrated as a time of harvest before we go into the deeper within place, for the coming winter months. It is also the beginning of the new astrological year with the sun moving into Aries, the beginning sun sign of the chart, a time of action, innovation, motivation. Here in the southern hemisphere, because we are heading for winter, this Aries energy is very much an inner journey. So, my friends, to you all, I wish you a blessed new beginning in your journey within. I would love you to have a look at the two forthcoming retreats in June – Hawaii and Mount Shasta.

Blessings Lin

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