Happy New Moon and here is an impressive image I found online of the first full Solar Eclipse in over a century, as viewed across the US. Apparently the temperature became cooler, crickets chirped and the stars revealed themselves in the middle of the day, while zoo animals reacted nervously until the sun reappeared.

So how was your Solar Eclipse?According to astrologers, it’s been a potent time between the recent Lunar Eclipse and today’s Solar Eclipse. I must share an incredible story with you that happened to me yesterday. It’s pretty unbelievable and my head just can’t seem to get around it (a good thing!).

I was on granny duty looking after my grandsons (7 and 9) for a couple of days and drove them to school yesterday morning. We drove slowly as there  was heaps of traffic on the way. On the way, Michael asked me to play a song on my phone, so I fumbled to find it in my bag, but it wasn’t there. While we were stopped in traffic, I had a good look but still I couldn’t find it (even though I was sure I’d brought it with). At school (about a 15 minute drive), I went in with Jonathan to see his teacher, then drove off for a quick stop at the nearby supermarket and post office before heading home.

During all of this, I was feeling anxious and was practising staying present in the moment although my body was experiencing heaps of adrenalin. I was telling myself “There’s no point in stressing about this – wait until you get home and have a good look.” When I reached their home, I dashed inside, searched everywhere and still nophone. I looked up Find my Phone on my computer and saw that the phone was in the street, outside where I was. So out again I rushed, and looked everywhere including under the car. Nothing – panic had set in. “Maybe someone walking by saw it and has it now” I closed my eyes, and sent out a prayer of ‘help’.

As I opened my eyes, something made me look to the roof of the car and THERE IT WAS – my phone sitting on the roof!!  UNBELIEVABLE! I mean, how is that possible? Those Angels excelled themselves – imagine keeping that phone in place and putting an invisibility cloak around it so no-one saw or took it.

This has been a huge wake up for me – firstly, I couldn’t somehow integrate what had just happened. I was in shock for hours. Then today (after the Eclipse), I was contemplating this phone miracle and realized that I didn’t feel worthy of such support. Whew!  What a belief to be unravelled by this experience. I began reviewing my life and saw how this belief has limited so many of my dreams from manifesting. Then a recognition of what a wonderful window of opportunity to release this suffocating idea, to forgive myself. I also feel to share this with you in the hopes that someone else out there may benefit from this somehow.

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Wishing you a new beginning of manifesting new dreams, on this new moon day.

Bless. Lin x






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