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Yesterday I had a very inspiring talk with Stephanie Phelps, my friend and Crystal Skull Keeper who lives in the Sedona area. She will be our guide as we explore this ancient land with its rock art, petroglyphs, pictographs, cliff dwellings. Connect with the Earth Wisdom Teachings and communicate with the Stone People. We are offering a smorgasbord of powerful experiences on our Medicine Journey. Be a part of this. Come with us and share in Fire Ceremony, Sacred Circles, Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremony with a Traditional Medicine Man, star gazing, picnics, laughter, swimming, sharing experiences, meditations, drumming circles. This retreat is for 13 days from 26 June to 8 July. We also travel to Grand Canyon and Taos New Mexico – more about that another day. Bye for now Lin

Image of Petroglyphs at V Bar V Heritage Site, Sedona


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