13 nights     5 – 19  July 2019

AUD $9970  (US $7490 approx*)


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Transformation is your birthright!




“Each Sacred Site is an altar to Great Spirit” – White Buffalo Calf Woman


Use your Intuition to gather Personal Power and Tools to Enhance Your Life

LOS ANGELES  Days 1 – 2

Begin this EPIC JOURNEY upon your arrival in Los Angeles, where you’ll be picked up from the airport (or if you prefer to arrive earlier, we can arrange to meet you in LA).

You’ll be staying in a funky 4-star country-chic boutique hotel situated in West Hollywood, opposite The Grove shopping centre, and close to Wholefoods, CBS Studio City and Beverly Hills.

Imagine what it feels like to live the glamorous life for a couple of days…

Wholesome breakfast you can enjoy at the hotel or anywhere you like – breakfasts are on us!

As you settle in and meet each other – feel your heart warming to those you connect with. Over the next couple of days you will learn how to communicate your wants and needs clearly with each other, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time together.Each day we will meet for group sharing and teachings where you can express your needs and insights.

Expand your awareness as you view the stars and your place in the galaxy. Visit the famous gateway to the cosmos, Griffith Observatory.

And… a great view of the Hollywood sign for those photos to post on social media…

At our Welcome Dinner we will eat together at the amazing 100% organic plant-based Café Gratitude.  The meal will set the tone of our journey, as each meal is prepared with love and supports health and sustainability for the planet.

As you step into the restaurant, choose to love your life, adore yourself, accept the world and be generous and grateful every day as you experience being provided for.

Their practice of Sacred Commerce provides inspired service, honest and transparent communication, and as you eat, you get to express gratitude for the richness of your life.

Have fun and enjoy being nourished!

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Az


SEDONA  Days  3 – 9

Now it’s time to head off on an adventure of a lifetime as we fly towards our destination for the next week. As you step into this powerful land of Spirit, your Sedona vision quest begins.


It is my delight to introduce you to my dear friend, Mary-Margaret Moore who channelled one of my truest  teachers, Bartholomew. She will be sharing her profound wisdom, life experience and teachings with us and answering questions.

“In 1995 we heard “his” last words. The final teaching was simple: If we want to discover that we are the Consciousness that “he” is and we are, just be Still. Leave thought behind. Go into the Silence of our very own Sacred Self, and there we will find all that we have been looking for. It is Who We Are and who we have always been. There cannot be any separation, except in our thoughts which never, ever, speak the Truth. In the years since we audibly heard “his” last words, my greatest delight has been in sharing the light and wisdom that has been integrated into my every day, ordinary life. It is a deeply joyful experience to find words flowing out from the silence within, and offering clarity, peace and comfort to others.”

“Whatever is present is God. Whatever is, is God. God is present now, in this moment, as this moment, in everything that you see, hear, think or touch.  Know this, (and you can), and be Free.”

“There are no mistakes. The Divine is weaving a perfect tapestry out of each life’s strand.”                     – Bartholomew


Here in this magestic beauty and ancient culture, you will meet Crystal Skull carrier and intuitive medium, Stephanie Phelps.  She will guide us to Walk the Path of the Ancient Ones. Through shamanic journeys, vision walks, and connecting with earth wisdom you will activate deep knowledge within you. As you share in ceremonial circles, drumming, Sweat Lodge and Sacred Pipe Ceremony with Sundancer, Indigenous Yacqui Elder, you will learn to hear the voice within, to use your intuition to gather personal power and tools to enhance your life.

Sedona is one of the highest vibrational energy frequency locations on our planet and known to be one of the strongest gateways of inter-dimensional connection.

Image of Bell Rock Vortex


There are four main Vortexes or Vortices – Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon Vortexes have the balance of both female and male energies, whilst the Airport Mesa Vortex has a masculine energy. Red Rock Crossing Cathedral Rock Vortex has a feminine energy.

The strongest power areas are revealed by the Juniper Tree as the branches twist in a spiral.

Relax and attune to the frequencies on our picnic lunches at these powerful sites, and as you do, with pure intent, there is a harmonizing effect that brings balance to yourself and the energy grid of the planet.


You’re sleeping right in the midst of the powerful vortexes and the hotel offers huge decks all around giving you 360 degree red rock views. Awesome!

The Airport Mesa Vortex is right across the street!

Enjoy the views over your delicious full hot breakfast buffet from the daily changing menu. In the evening, stroll over to the west side to watch a spectacular sunset right from the deck, perhaps with a glass of red. Gaze into the moonlit starry skies.

These are treasured memories in the making.

Grand Canyon

GRAND CANYON  Days 10 – 11

Become limitless as you allow your senses to expand and encompass All That Is. Imagine yourself out in space preparing for a moon landing as you glide over the vastness of the Grand Canyon South Rim in a small plane.

Massaw, a Hopi Katchina, is said to guard this Sacred Initiation Site for the Hopi Nation. Hopi ceremonies, pilgrimages and rituals are interwoven at specific mountain peaks, springs and sacred sites and are linked to the life essence of these ancestral lands.

Imagine spending the night at the Canyon and watching in awe at the exquisite splendour of the sun setting and rising as it spreads a palette of colour across this timeless landscape. Let your dreams teach you during your sleep in this ancient land.

HOPI  LAND  Days 11-12

We arrive in Hopi Land! ‘Hopi’ translated means ‘peaceful person‘. Let yourself immerse in this ancient culture and allow their values and teachings to rub off on you. 

The Hopi nation are intensely spiritual and independent, valuing their privacy. A tightly knit tribe, held together by clan relations, they trace their ancestry through their female ancestry to a common ancestor, who is part of that clan’s creation story. 

Mostly farmers, agriculture forms the foundation of traditional life. There are 34 living clans residing in 12 self-governing traditional villages, home to over 14,000 of the ‘oldest native people‘ on the continent, dating back to 1100 A.D.

We spend the night in Hopi land and visit a home and share in their home-cooked Hopi meal.


As we explore the Mesas we come to Walpi, an historic village on First Mesa. Above this Mesa are three villages famous for their handmade Hopi pottery, paintings drawings and Katsina dolls.

Second Mesa villages are known for fine Hopi weaving of traditional clothing, coiled baskets, artistic paintings and drawings, Hopi overly jewellery and Katsina dolls.

Third Mesa has the oldest settlement, the village of Old Orabi with ruins still standing. Recognized for their fine Hopi weaving of traditional clothing, wicker weaving plaques and multi-coloured yucca baskets, Hopi overlay jewellery and artistic paintings and drawings.

All these items are for sale to provide for their families and they all have ceremonial uses, as they all represent something important to the artist.

And Then…

After an incredible journey through these ancestral lands together, and then even more amazing experiences in Sedona over the next days, we give thanks with deep gratitude for our time together. For the laughter and connection, for the new understandings and heart openings, for the new tools we take home with us.

It’s time to leave the magic of Sedona, although we will now always carry this in our hearts and pass this knowledge on to future generations.


We finish off this retreat with a sumptuous Farewell Dinner together in Los Angeles before heading off into your new life with your NEW YOU!



13 nights  5 – 19 July 2019

AUD $9970  (US $7490 approx)


  • Your Investment  AUD $9970 (US $7490* approx) twin share accommodation
  • Single supplement may be available upon request
  • Early Bird full payment of AUD $9470 (US $6990* approx) to be received by 30 December 2018
  • Please note Price will be AUD $9970 (US $7490* approx) from 31 December 2018.
  • A non-refundable deposit of AUD $800 (US $600) is needed immediately to hold your place
  • 50% of the payment is due by 14 February 2019. If you must cancel before 14 February 2019, you may receive a refund, minus your non-refundable AUD $800 (US $600)deposit
  • The balance is due in full by 30 March 2019. After this date, there are no refunds
  • Please protect yourself with private travel insurance in case of an emergency (I recommend you get full travel insurance to give you peace of mind on this Retreat).

Conversion rate to AUD dollars (or any other currency) depends on exchange rate on the day payment is received – this approximation is based on current exchange rate. 

I’m so ready for this EPIC JOURNEY!


Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the US $600 (AUD $800) deposit. Any cancellation made between 30 December 2018 and 14 February 2019 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between 15 February 2019 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so, your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

REMEMBER purchasing insurance when making a flight booking DOES NOT cover the trip itself.


To register, simply click the register button above. You will immediately receive a confirmation of registration, followed by welcome packet.

If you have any questions, email me at and we’ll set up a time to answer your questions. I so look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles when you arrive.

What's Included

13 nights of fabulous hand-picked twin-share accommodation

Return domestic flights from Los Angeles to  Phoenix 

Stunning flight over Grand Canyon South Rim

Airport pickups/drop-offs

1 checked Luggage bag

Amazing Welcome Dinner

13 delicious Breakfasts 

3 Picnic lunches

A home-cooked Hopi meal in Hopi Land

Free WiFi in rooms (except for 2 nights)

Spiritual Teachings with the awesome Mary-Margaret Moore, Bartholomew channel

Group Circles, Meditation, Teachings and Self-Empowerment tools

Path of Heart teachings with Crystal Skull caretaker, Stephanie Phelps

Ceremonies, Rituals

Sweat Lodge, Pipe Ceremony with Traditional Medicine Man

Crystal Skull Meditation

Transport to all planned events and activities

Entry fees to venues

Visit to Griffith Observatory

Gift bag

Fabulous Farewell Dinner

Special bonus personal 30 minute follow-up on-line session with Lin after the Retreat to see how you’re integrating your experiences

Our Retreats are guided by Spirit so there may be slight changes to the itinerary, which will be as magical

What’s Not Included

Your roundtrip airfare from home to/from Los Angeles

Single room supplement (when available)

Personal medical and trip cancellation insurance

Other non-included items such as shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, bell-boys, tips for your room cleaner

Transport for personal excursions

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