Over the Easter long weekend, I spent a very full five days at famous Byron Bay Bluesfest. It was amazing, with incredible artists like Kendrick Lamar, Taj Mahal, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), The Wailers, Graham Nash, Eugene Bridges, The Blind Boys of Alabama. The difference between this Bluesfest and others over the past 25 years, is that this year, they had a Boomerang area offering Indigenous culture to the music goers. A smorgasboard of amazing dancers, healers, spiritual forums and cultural talks, weaving and a wonderful opportunity for the public to be exposed to and learn about traditional culture. I was blessed to be part of the Maori Te Kopere Healing group and we offered healings twice daily as well as playful Maori rituals to develop focus. Te Kopere used to teach and heal at The Dreaming Festivals up in Queensland headed by Maori Elder, and Spiritual Teacher, Aunty Olive Bullock (Taranaki area). It was a privilege to be work under her guidance and offer *mirimiri *(spiritual healing) and *romiromi *(massage). During my nine years living in New Zealand in the ‘70s, I made ‘family’ connections then. Here are some photos of spiritual warriors I took at the Indigenous Closing Ceremony. Enjoy. Lin Arakwal Dancers, Byron Bay, Malu Kiai Mura Buai Dance Troupe from Bolgu Islandtop West of Torres Strait, most northerly inhabited island of Australia 

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