What a profound few days I’ve experienced, spending time at Traditional Owner of Nyangbul Country in the Bundjalung Nation of eastern Australia, Aunty Lois Cook’s Sacred Women’s Land just outside of Byron Bay, Australia. What an honour it was to be sitting in the presence of Napanangka Nelly Patterson from Seven Sistars Dreaming, 13 Grandmothers Star Skin Lore of Creation, from the central desert of Australia, ULURU. Nelly Patterson is a Keeper of the Waterhole Dreaming of Uluru, our world’s heart creation portal. Sharing with woman, deep listening, cooking at the camp kitchen, eating together, sitting around the log fire. A time of healing and connecting. Building networks to spread New Way Dreaming. Granny Nelly speaks about the principles of Kanyini – living in the heart and mind together, being responsible for all life with unconditional love for all people, including self. Granny says it’s a Time for One Spirit of Caring and Sharing to come Together – a time of self-governance, wellness and restoration to strengthen us and *all *Life. Nelly sat facing a gi-normous black painted canvas with a white border. For those who felt called to join in, we sat waiting, listening, connecting as Granny sang to her Ancestors. She had a long stick and pointed to the spot on the canvas, then at one of us woman and instructed her on what to paint. Then we’d all sit and listen to the next round of singing, prayers and asking for guidance of the Ancestors as to where, what and which colour was to be painted. We were painting, through prayer, the setting of intention for New Way Dreaming at Byron Bay First Light Place. We were being guided by Spirit on each step, working together to create a New Way – very auspicious. Please visit and support this vision by donating www.newwaydreaming.com And Like Facebook page New Way Dreaming.Bye for now Lin    

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