sacred travelOn my last visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, I remember feeling very excited upon arriving – a sense of deep gratitude for being able to resonate with the Heart Chakra of this Earth. My journey began simply – I didn’t plan anything although I did have an idea of some of the things I wanted to see and do.

I travelled lightly and stayed at a backpacker place in Hilo (I had a giggle when I saw it was owned by the TimTams family – for those of you overseas, this is one of Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuits). Here in Hawaii was a picture of the Sydney Opera House in my room! Weird! Still, it was a great place to land, albeit, I had to drive from the airport to my accommodation – on the opposite side of the road – at night –very scary!

Over the next few days, I drove to amazing waterfalls and exotic locations, visited the Volcanic National Park and met an interesting old Indigenous man who pointed to where I might see an image of Madame Pele and her dog – I couldn’t see her,.. but, when I arrived at Akaka Falls, my breath was taken away. I used to give LomiLomi massages and may favourite song was about Akaka Falls – I always promised myself I’d visit there.

I felt as if I was in Faerie Land in the Kingdom of Mab herself! There was an otherness about everything. Yes, I did have my own mystical experience whilst staring at the waterfall. It felt as though the moss and the rocks and the lush vegetation were moving and swirling. It was almost trancelike.

Swimming with wild dolphins was another profound experience for me. With snorkel and goggles, I swam away from the boat and was greeted by a pod of inquisitive friendly dolphins, so close they were almost touching my skin. Another huge pod came gallivanting by as if on a mission to somewhere. Then, very quietly, I noticed a mother dolphin come forward – she was introducing her baby to me. I felt so privileged. Yet another was blowing magical bubbles that travelled upward. I really was in the land of magic here.  What a special island of exquisite beauty and contrast too.

Love, Lin

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