I awoke feeling restless after a disruptive sleep and was experiencing an internal struggle. I wasn’t sure what it was about, just that something was stirring within.

Fortunately, I had a flexible schedule this day so I am able to include ‘me time’. I decide to prioritize my work load for the morning so that I have the afternoon free. I notice that by focusing on my work, I become immersed in it and its only in the between moments  that I become aware of the irritation and discomfort in my body. I’d been trying to ignore it, but it isn’t going to ‘go away!’

“Okay, I’ll take myself off to Wollumbin – I need to plug in and feel reconnected.” Wollumbin, also known as Mt Warning, is a Sacred Site about 45 minutes drive away, and I’m lucky enough to have a view of it in the distance, as though it’s looking over at me, always  present.

As I drive across the bridge over a pristine flowing creek – I become more present and grateful for being here. The upward drive through all the rainforest tree Beings humbles me further. I stop at another creek and sit for some time on a rock, feet dangling in the cooling waters. “Ahh.. I’ve been craving the stillness; I can feel my body expanding and drinking up the green, the clear consciousness of the forest.”

I fill my water bottle with the sweet pure flowing water, and as I drink it, I imagine all my cells being transformed by this water ritual. I notice a softening within and open to a new me emerging. The nagging feeling that had been there earlier seems satisfied that I’ve paid it the attention it was screaming for. It was calling me to listen, to allow myself to just be, to open to Spirit, to the Ancestors, to the messages from Nature.

Walking through the rainforest, there’s an incredible sense of not being alone. There’s a knowing that many creatures are aware of me treading upon their trails. I wonder if I’d see any snakes or whether they are just somewhere, observing me. There are only a handful of visitors this day – perhaps most of them are already up the mountain on their way down, so it feels like I have the place to myself. I can feel the presence of Indigenous people, past and present who hold sacred ceremony here. I offer my thanks.

After spending a couple of hours in this magical place, I am ready to leave, filled and open and grateful and most of all, my heart is singing. My drive home feels dreamy and spacious. I love this feeling! As I walk up the steps of my home, I look out to the mountain, now somewhat covered in clouds and call out my love and appreciation for it’s presence in my life.

With love and respect, Lin

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