May these cards assist in awakening Peace and Love in the Hearts of All Beings in the Universe


Inner Self Guidance

Use these inspirational oracle cards to assist you in confirming your Knowing. They bring clarity and awareness, pointing you within to bring out the truth of your Being.
 Inner Self Guidance Cards offer guidance on decisions, relationship with yourself and others and a general sense of the energies around you at the moment.

The set of 128 cards include instructions for doing your own personal reading. They are great as a gift  and small enough to carry around with you in your car or purse.

Lin Bell has been selling these beautiful cards around Australia and overseas for the past 16 years as they continue to spread and touch the lives of many.


Use these cards by picking 3 a day as an overview. If there’s an issue that needs addressing, pick one or more cards (as many as are needed), and as the inner questions and answers arise, use them as confirmation of That which is your Knowing…or, pick a few and let them unfold a storyboard for your question. Why not snuggle up with yourself and pick a card, just to see what the flavour is. It’s like an email from Source!  Messages include Better feeling thoughts, Gentled quieted heart, Accept and rechoose, I am good enough, Connection, Reach out.  


Domestic Prices Australia

Includes Postage & Handling/Tracking

1 set  AUD $25.85  

2 sets AUD $41.85

3 sets AUD $57.85

4 sets AUD $73.850

5 sets AUD $89.85

6 sets AUD $105.85

International Prices

Includes Postage & Handling/Tracking 

1 set AUD $43.60

2 sets AUD $62.60 

3 sets AUD $76.60

4 sets AUD $90.60

5 sets AUD $104.60

6 sets AUD $120

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