Driving into the hinterland to attend the 70th birthday of one of my earlier teachers, I stopped to gasp at the wonder before me.

Oh my, so I’m here – oh, so this is what has been calling me quietly in my waking dream-state”.

Lately I’d been receiving images of The Pinnacle, and now here I was.. I felt such awe and humility as I looked out to these timeless mountains with Wollumbin (Mt. Warning) in their midst. Driving in the thick lush of the mountainous trees, I felt a wonderful connection with the tree beings, such an aliveness enveloping me.

I’ve noticed that over my lifetime, these tribes (families) come and go, some dissolving, whilst others I meet years later, continue on as though it’s only yesterday. A few years ago, after a serious motor accident, I experienced a drought in the arena of friendship and connection. It was a very painful and challenging time for me; where I got to see that those I’d depended on for support were no longer there for me. I was being stripped to the bone.

When the rains started flowing again, I could see how much I’d grown. I had to dig deep and get to know me, who I am. I could see how I’d chosen to give my power away to others, to the group so I could feel like I belonged. I was afraid of being judged – ha! Unbeknown to me then, of course I was being judged – judged for being weak. I’d kept my mouth shut and become agreeable! Anyone relate to this?

Or I’d go the other way and become rebellious so I could receive negative attention. Last night, Nemi reminded me of how I used to grumble when she asked that the sheets on the mattresses in the workshop space were just so, and I’d be like why’s she so picky!  

As she explained yesterday, it was her way of presenting what she was offering to the participants. Of course, I didn’t get this at the time. Oh, all these little resistances playing out through my life, then the ease and flow when they get seen with a kind loving acceptance.

Life is the journey and what is becoming more and more obvious is the more willing I am to believe that everything that happens in my life happens for a reason, without trying to push it away or invalidate it, the more flow and growth and expansion occurs. By pushing and trying to get ahead of myself, I create stress and more struggle and then things appear stuck. How many of you can relate to this….?

Upon reflection on what I’ve just written, I see that this is not only an honouring of the outer teacher, but the inner teacher as well.

On a different note, a gentle reminder to check out the retreats page as the Hawaii cut-off date is at the end of March.

Bless, Lin x

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