Global News: updating the story of humanity……. People have spoken of the RAINBOW BRIDGE for a long long time. Today it was activated- it’s a connection from hearts to hearts across the great PACIFIC – Te Moana Nui e kiwa, from the oldest living culture on earth, the people of the DREAMTIME , three sisters from sunrise, to centre , to sunset , a great songline across the oldest land.. Representing all their ancestors all the way back to the dreamtime – CREATION.. A message shared across the great blue to three sisters of PEACEMAKER LINEAGE – HAUDENOSAUNEE grandmothers. And that message and transmission was for NEW WAY NOW. Do you understand my friends when the senior lore woman of ULURU the heart of the dreamtime, says with her own life and story NEW WAY NOW? Oolalee!? And when that new dreaming meets the GREAT LAW OF PEACE, in the hearts of the HAUDENOSAUNEE grandmothers and the song love and laughter shared Unites hearts and intents , do you feel the power and understand the significance.. ? Whoever has been keeping up with this story will know. And if you’re just catching on then I will keep sharing and in time you will pick up the threads of what is happening here. Grandma says: pay respects to the water. Grandma says : NEW WAY NOW. The old story is FINISH. True. We tell the new story by the lives we live and the beauty and power we walk and talk.
Billa Lauiti-kolkr

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