I’m so excited to share these beautiful images from the Sedona retreat taken by Stephanie, with whom I’ll be co-facilitating during our Sedona and Hopi Land Retreat at the end of May.

Four Directions

   Four Directions

My first visit to Sedona was when I was ending my marriage. I flew to the US and decided to hire a car, attempting to drive on the opposite side of the road (to Australia that is!). I had to pretty much make it work as I was in Phoenix rush hour traffic. OMG, what a stressful experience, but… somehow, with lots of prayers, I managed.


Medicine Wheel Creation

I’d begun my vision quest, just following my nose (with the help of a map, although I didn’t really know where I was going). I headed for the Apache Trail – I wanted to learn more about my Spirit Guide, who I believe was Apache. I also wanted to find the place I’d seen in a vision, of a ‘past life’ where I was a chief atop a cliff, watching my tribe below getting massacred. That memory and the pain of it had haunted me so – the guilt and shame. You know, I found that very spot. I don’t remember exactly where on the map it is, but it was near some trailers selling art and souvenirs on the roadside. I was able to sit and be with the feelings that arose and ask for forgiveness as well as forgiving myself.


Sunset and Fire Ceremonies

After that, I visited an old Apache pawnshop and found a beautiful pair of really old beaded turquoise moccasins. So precious. I placed them on the back seat and the window was open and one of them flew out and away because I never could find it. I still have the other one on my altar. Who knows, maybe someone else out there found it’s mate!


Water Prayer and Crystal Medicine Wheel

Mixed up memories include camping by amazing creeks, snakes close not knowing if they were friendly or not, feeling free, so familiar and ‘at home’ somehow. In Sedona, there was so much magic – I’ll leave that for you to explore and discover for yourself when you visit.

Sacred Pipe Prayer

Please have a look at this Retreat I’m offering and scroll down to the bottom for price and What’s Included. Here’s the link: https://www.sacredtravels.com.au/sedona-spiritual-retreat/

Lin x





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