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My first visit to Sedona

My first visit to Sedona

I’m so excited to share these beautiful images from the Sedona retreat taken by Stephanie, with whom I’ll be co-facilitating during our Sedona and Hopi Land Retreat at the end of May.    Four Directions My first visit to Sedona was when I was ending my marriage. I...

Sarah’s interview with Lin of Sacred Travels

Chatting to Lin Bell from Sacred travels Lin has been working in the Healing Arts for the past 36 years – She is a professional Kinesiologist, healer, facilitator,Intuitive reader, shamanic healing, meditation and has a diploma in Trauma & Healing Indigenous...
Rebalance Your Autonomic Nervous System

Rebalance Your Autonomic Nervous System

Here’s an exercise to bring calm and alignment to your Central Nervous System. Close your eyes and become aware of your breath; slow deep breaths. You’re in a safe space and you’re beginning to sink deeper and deeper within. Now visualise a brilliant blue ball of...
Bundjalung Aboriginal Elders at Wollumbin

Bundjalung Aboriginal Elders at Wollumbin

Do you find that going to a power place in nature assists you when you’re wanting stronger connection within? I found myself at Wollumbin, sacred mountain and highest peak on the most easterly point of Australia over the weekend. My most favourite band, Oka, were...
Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

  Happy New Moon and here is an impressive image I found online of the first full Solar Eclipse in over a century, as viewed across the US. Apparently the temperature became cooler, crickets chirped and the stars revealed themselves in the middle of the day,...

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