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Growing up in South Africa, I’ve always loved the cultural, the tribal, the magical and the mystical – although life didn’t always feel that way. After finishing school, I lived in London for a while before moving to New Zealand where I became a wife and mother. Nine years later I was called to move to Australia and shortly after that, everything changed. My daughter nearly died from a life-threatening illness: my marriage ended; I became a single parent; my business came to a screeching halt, and the money stopped flowing – I had to finally take action to wake up to what I was creating in my life.

Being without direction, confused and depressed,  I went on a journey of self-discovery, learning from Elders, Healers, Traditional Shamanic Medicine Teachers and Gurus and visiting sacred sites around the world. Then a serious motor accident pushed me into an even deeper place within.  I found myself letting go of many people and situations I thought were important in my life.  I saw how I’d spent my life pleasing others, being  nice, so people would like me!  I began to find my inner strength and assertiveness, and to ask for what I needed. This gave me a new found freedom and a deeper connection to my Beingness.


I love to see people transforming their lives, allowing their joy to express;  to become their guiding light. I love seeing them become empowered, connecting and trusting in their own knowing.


I offer professional services including Spiritual Kinesiology-Counselling; I create the popular Inner Self Guidance Cards and practice Intuitive Channeling, Shamanic Empowerment, Spiritual Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Meditation. I am also trained in Trauma Healing Indigenous.

“Speak as if all that is becoming will protect you.


My mission is to assist in the upliftment of humanity, by staying in alignment with Source energy. To allow the highest forms of energy available to express through me, that I may guide and empower others to be and express who they are, with authenticity, passion and joy.


“I would like to recommend Lin Bell as a genuine and gifted intuitive. She has been an authentic guide in my life and in many others.” Gina Lakosta – Indigenous Bridge Visionary, Healer, Event Coordinator, Poet

“Lin is a treat of Total presence, love and care. The loving support, knowledge and attention she shares during her treatments are transformative and very nourishing.” Sangeeta – Lucknow Sankirtan Mullumbimby

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