Forthcoming Retreats for 2017

Hi, When was the last time you went on an exciting journey of self-discovery while you visited Sacred Sites?

 In the days of long ago, people attuned to the energies of the Earth and Stars; they learned to navigate and understand and receive messages. Through prayer, sacred ceremony and ritual, powerful vortexes of energy formed. These centers of energy are sites of tremendous transformation and healing.

Now, give yourself the pace to step aside from your busy life and take the time to find out who you really are and where you belong.

I’m offering a special $500 DISCOUNT on this Hawaiian Spiritual Retreat if payment is received in full by 31 March 2017.

COME WITH US ON this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to harness tremendous self-change in your life.  Watch Creation in the making!


As you release self-doubt, become confident and come away renewed, clear, excited and open. Connect with your Intuition and practice Ho’opono’pono, the art of Forgiveness

Deepen your spiritual connection through this powerful mana.

Let it speak to You! 

 COST: $5840 USD

 Here’s the link



Come to these Ancestral Lands and jump into a life-time adventure of Powerful Spiritual Renewal.

Sedona is one of the highest vibrational energy frequency locations on our planet; known to be one of the strongest gateways of inter-dimensional connection.

Spend a night in Hopi Land, fly over part of the Grand Canyon, visit Taos Pueblo in Sacred Sage country.

Spiritual teachings include Path of Heart, Sweat Lodge & Pipe Ceremonies. Use your Intuition to gather Personal Power and Tools to enhance your life.

“Each Sacred Site is an altar to Great Spirit” ~ White Buffalo Calf Woman

COST: $7650 USD

Here’s the link:


Mount Shasta, Crown Chakra of the Planet and Dimensional Gateway to the Ancient Civilisation of Lemuria which connects with Universal energies from Sirius and the Pleiades

As you step into the Unknown, receive the Magic of Mount Shasta’s Transformative Blessings. Open up to new Possibilities, Clarity and Purpose and as you participate in Ceremony, connect to your Inner Stillness

Discover and celebrate Your Own Magic and let that Joy radiate out to All of Creation

COST: $6499 USD

Here’s the link:


Glastonbury – Stonehenge – Avebury

PLUS  6-day Spirit Communication Retreat with experienced tutors

Discover your own magical connection to this powerful land.

A wonderful opportunity to channel these energies for spiritual alignment for yourself, for the environment and for all humanity

Reconnect to your Rootsremember who you are

 Step into the Throat Chakra Vortex of the planet and allow your gifts of expression, creativity and communication to be harnessed

COST: $7299 USD

Here’s the link:


Ready for a change?

Set your Intentions for Yourself, for the environment and for all humanity at First Light Place, the most easterly point of Australia.

Connect with Indigenous Culture; participate in Water and Fire Ceremonies and open to your Clarity and Purpose.

Let the crystalline earth energies, containing the powerful black obsidian, bring up your deepest feelings.

We create a safe space for you to receive healing, to meet and accept these feelings; to invite them to come home to your heart.

Relax and on the beautiful white sands on the shore of the inviting warm blue Pacific Ocean. Come!

COST: $2589 USD

 Here’s the link:

Are you always giving to others and have nothing left for you?

Then this journey is just for You!

Don’t feel heard?

By the end of this Retreat, you’re going to have the skills to communicate more effectively

With new communication tools, learn

  • how to set clear boundaries
  • to ask for what you need without hiding or bulldozing
  • how to be responsible for your thoughts and feelings
  • how to communicate without projecting blame

Identify and change limiting beliefs about yourself and others.

Return home feeling more alive with a sense of calm and ease.

Rediscover what brings you pleasure, joy.

Are you lonely, on your own?  Then you MUST COME!

Meet new life-time friends who will share in your experience.

I invite you to find strength in a supportive circle of new friends and to explore new and forgotten parts of yourself. Open up to your creativity, your courage, your vulnerability and challenge yourself to have this experience.

Lin x


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