Arunachala Full Moon

Arunachala Full Moon

Hello I’m sitting on the sacred Arunachala hill, Tiruvannamali, home to the Sages. It’s my last day in India and it’s Full Moon. From about 4pm yesterday afternoon, people from all over the Indian State of Tamil Nadu (that’s about half the size of Victoria,...
New Moon, Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

New Moon, Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

Good morning and welcoming the New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. I am walking round the holy mountain of Arunachala, Tiruvannamali, southern India with some friends. We started walking at 6am and it’s a very powerful spiritual practice called...
Hello from Arunachala

Hello from Arunachala

Hello this is Lin Bell here. I’m speaking to you from the holy mountain of Arunachala. This is in the small city of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu in southern India. Arunachala is one of the holiest mountains in India; a place where sages come and people have become...

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