Life-Changing Spiritual Retreats to Sacred Sites

with Lin Bell

At a Crossroads?    Imagine being seduced into an Inner Journey of Self Discovery, CLARITY and Empowerment as you open to the magic of the Ancient Mysteries

Come to Know and Trust in Your Own Inner Guidance

 Through deepening Intuition practices, you will come to honour the richness of your sensitivity and inner connection. 

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Byron Bay  5 nights  28 Sept – 3 Oct 2017

Hawaii  7 nights  16 – 23 May 2018

Sedona-Hopi  13 nights 29 May – 11 June 2018

Mount Shasta  11 nights   14 – 25 June 2018

Ancient Britain  13 nights 23 July – 5 August 2018


Pele’s Fire meeting Ocean’s Water

Imagine enjoying those Precious Moments with like-minded Others who connect with your Deepest Longings, sharing Laughter, building Trust and Lasting life-time Friendships

The Pass, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Healing occurs when there is a deep acceptance of all one’s choices in each moment, without invalidating oneself

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

Through Powerful Shamanic practices, Ceremony and attuning to the Ancient Messages of the Ancestral Lands we visit, YOU will come to rest in the Stillness of your own Inner Wisdom and Joy


Red Rocks, Sedona, Az

Awaken to your Passion and Purpose while sharing with like-minded others

Dance your wildness – let the Medicine of Your Life’s Journey Speak to YOU!

Attune to the ancient messages of the Ancestral Lands you visit as you reconnect with Aboriginal, Native American, Hawaiian and Celtic Druid cultures on our different Retreats.

During our time together, you will learn to practice conscious relating, both with Yourself and others. And as you do, you’ll connect with your inner smile, releasing a radiance that will shine through in every aspect of your life.


Let your heart guide you through reflective listening, meditation and spiritual healingGain tools to communicate honestly with yourself and others. Deepen your intuition and learn how to set healthy boundaries: how to value and appreciate yourself and others. Watch your relationships become more fun. 

Gain new understanding of yourself and others by respecting the ‘old way’ as you align with the natural Shamanic Medicine journey of the Wise Ones you meet



Feel your own power as you participate in genuine Sweat Lodge purification and Sacred Pipe ceremonies in traditional way with Native American Medicine carriers – Sedona + Hopi Retreat. Visit the Grand Canyon and fly over the South  Rim to get an amazing experience of its vastness and power.

Spend two days learning with the awesome Mary-Margaret Moore, Bartholomew channel.

Expand your consciousness as you sit in the presence of a multi-dimensional being on our Mount Shasta Retreat.

Invite the power and magic of Mount Shasta to transform you to a new way of seeing your life, your purpose and gain clarity through intention setting and prayer as we particpate in sacred ceremony together with Crystal Skull Keeper, Stephanie Phelps. 

Picture your delight as you swim and communicate with wild dolphins in Hawaii. Feel the ease of forgiving as you learn the practice of Ho’opono’pono (forgiveness) from a traditional Elder. This epic journey is filled with powerful ‘nature’ experiences and teachings, interspersed with rest and relaxation time.

Imagine that exhilaration as you get up close and personal to wild humpback whales in Byron Bay. Open to New Way Dreaming as you learn about Aboriginal culture from the traditional Elders. What would that be like you may be wondering – it all sounds so mysterious…

Discover your roots as you connect to ancient Celtic and Druid cultures when we visit Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury

Come with us on our Ancient Britain Retreat and follow your dream of exploring and deepening your intuition. This includes six full days of Spirit Communication with experienced tutors. Haven’t you always longed for that?

Perfect for you if…

  • You’re looking for direction and meaning to life
  • You’ve been on your own for a while and long to connect with like-minded others
  • You’ve just ended a relationship and want to find out who you really are 
  • Your children have left home or you’ve retired  and now what…
  • You long to travel and meet different cultures and want that shared experience in a small group environment 
  • You’re willing to experience the new, the unknown, and to change your attitudes
  • You’d love to learn new communication tools, set clear boundaries and explore healing techniques
  • You’re open to seeing the positive in people and situations
  • You’re physically active
  • You’re flexible with the structure of the retreat if it changes a little

If you’re ready for a Retreat that leaves you feeling joyously ALIVE and EXCITED about your life, then Sacred Travels is totally for YOU!

Imagine receiving spiritual healing helping you shift as you harness the powerful energy of the Sacred Site vortexes.

Picture yourself changing your beliefs to create positive change in your life, attracting abundance.

Learn to live life from a calmer, more grounded place for your overall well-being. Practice Being Here Now.  See yourself making a statement to the Universe “This is who I Am!”

Expand your consciousness as you sit in the presence of a multi-dimensional being on our Mount Shasta Retreat.

Feel driven?   Through meditation and practising stillness of Being, your need to control softens and you come to allow Grace to live your life for you.


Create more of what you truly want AND DESERVE!

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