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Life-Changing Spiritual Retreats visiting Sacred Sites
with a Focus On Spiritual Awakening and Spirit Communication



Are you at a crossroads?

Are you longing for connection?

Do you dream about me-time but have trouble saying no 






Time for transformation!

Come on a journey of Spiritual awakening through self-empowerment. Bring conscious awareness into your daily life by practicing living from your heart.

Through powerful Shamanic practices, ceremony and attuning to the frequencies of the sacred sites we visit on our Retreats, you will experience life-changing inner transformation, coming to rest in the stillness of your own inner wisdom and joy, and awaken to your passion and purpose

Top alternative travel with personalised small group retreats.



By the end of one of our  retreats, you will find yourself relating differently, your creativity will be sparking. your view around your purpose will be different and you will feel confident about following your highest excitement.





On our Retreats you will:

  • Reconnect with Aboriginal, Native American, Hawaiian, Celtic and Balinese cultures
  • Respect the ‘old way’ by aligning with the natural Shamanic Medicine journey of the Wise Ones as we meet with the Elders
  • Teachings through the Path of Heart with Crystal Skull Carrier-Teacher at both Mount Shasta and US South-West tours
  • Participate in genuine Sweat Lodge purification and Sacred Pipeceremonies in traditional way with Native American Medicine Keepers on US South-West tour
  • Communicate and swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii
  • Week  exploring Intuition in England; weekend with well known vocal channel on our Mount Shasta tour



Now it’s time to sleep easily knowing you’ve decided  to take an exciting step into the unknown, responding to that inner pull that’s been calling you home, to rest in the stillness of your own Being



 lin bellTo know more about what Lin does, visit her healing website here.





Main image above ~  Crown Chakra of the Earth, Mount Shasta, Ca, United States

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~ Spiritual Awakening at Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona, US ~



















Dance your wildness – let the medicine of your life’s journey speak to you!

  • Learn great self-empowerment tools to communicate your wants and needs; take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings without projecting onto others.
  • Recognise  when it is healthy to say no and practice setting boundaries
  • Be in the company of like-minded others who share your deepest needs and longings, build trust and lasting life-time friendships, and discover your own best friend within – someone you can always rely on
  • Practice forgiveness and the art of Spiritual Healing
  • Learn how to transform your fears into aliveness and creativity
  • Immerse into your knowingness as you free yourself of old shackles of limitation
  • Learn to trust and allow, to let go of expectations
  • Seed your Intentions for the upliftment of yourself, humanity and the planet
  • True Spiritual Awakening through Self Discovery and Self Transformation!

I love to see people connecting to deeper levels of their own Spiritual Being. What better way to have fun than sharing in sacredness, our spiritual awakening – the depth and profound insights we gain, allowing our true purpose to reveal, as we travel to Power Places around the world.


~ Walking on Arunachala








Retreats 2017

Best Spiritual Holiday Retreats 2017

Life-changing Spiritual Travel with Lin Bell


Our best Spiritual Holiday Retreats provide a powerful opportunity for you, through Intention, and through the support of the Ancient Energies of these sacred places we visit, to experience spiritual healing.  Through the healing power of nature and ceremony, allow yourself the safe space to connect to your feelings. Come to understand what beliefs give rise to these feelings, and without judgment, gently let go that which no longer serves you. It is a time of deeply getting to know oneself, reconnecting to your Essence, and to share with others of similar intent. As you do, you allow joy into your expression and begin living your passion.

Welcome heart connection with Oneself and  All That Is. Instead of trying to fill that emptiness with more this, more that, more to do lists, distractions, focusing on lack, what’s missing, allow yourself to experience spiritual healing. Instead of blocking your heart flow by denying your feelings and judging yourself, projecting blame and criticism on yourself and others, drop into and rest in your Heart. Feel your Love shining freely, giving and receiving openly. This is humanity’s deepest longing. This is true spiritual healing.

On these spiritual holidays, make a difference by sharing your heart’s wisdom and seed this in the sacred places we visit through your intention.


HAWAII   18 – 24 May 2017    6 nights   AUD $6889 / USD $5297 approx

Hawaii Big Island

Feel the connection as you swim with wild dolphins. Open to the transformational fire of Pele, goddess of volcanoes. Watch Mother Nature create land as lava merges with ocean. Attune to  spectacular waterfalls. Receive the teachings of the ancestors as we sit with a Kahuna Elder and learn the way of  Ho’o’ponopono, path of forgiveness of self and others. Enjoy the gift of a traditional LomiLomi massage. Practice the art of Spiritual Healing and deep group sharing. A tour to OPEN YOUR HEART to LOVE.

Small personalised groups
Flights to/from Hawaii Big Island to Honolulu
Entry fees to sites and events
Sunrise Lava viewing on a boat
Immerse yourself in the Lava Tube Cave
Wild dolphin swim
Ceremony at Pele Kilauea Crater
Teachings with Kahuna Elder and learning the way of Ho’opono Pono
LomiLomi massage
Group sharing and Spiritual Healing
Quality 3 star ocean-front accommodation based on twin occupancy
Single occupancy supplement may be available upon request
Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

A non-refundable deposit of  AUD $600 is required immediately to secure your booking.  50% of the balance is due by 17 February 2017 . If you must cancel before 17 February 2017, you may receive a refund minus your non-refundable AUD $600 deposit. The balance is due in full by 18 March 2017. After this date, there are no refunds. There is an Early-bird full payment of AUD $6389 to be received by 10 January 2017.

Please email info@sacredtravels.com.au or call Lin on +61 404 066 707 for payment details.



29 May – 12 June 2017   14 nights  AUD $9950 / USD $7650 approx


Taos Pueblo
Grand Canyon

Visit New Mexico, Sacred Sage Country and ancient Pueblo. Teachings with Mary-Margaret Moore, Bartholomew channel. Explore Earthship Biotecture. Spend the night in Hopi Land and share in Hopi harvest meal.  Visit sacred sites and meet with Traditional Medicine Keepers and Crystal Skull Keeper. Sacred ceremonies include Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremony in Sedona.  Sacred Medicine journeys sharing in sacred space from the heart. Fly over the Grand Canyon. LA stopover with a visit to Griffith Observatory. This is an EPIC JOURNEY.

Small personalised groups
Domestic flights within US
Transport and entry fees
Teachings with Mary-Margaret Moore, Bartholomew channel
Sweat Lodge and Sacred Pipe Ceremony with Traditional Elder
Visit Earthship Eco building
Night in Hopi land and share in traditional Hopi meal
Scenic flight over the Grand Canyon
Group sharing and Spiritual Healing
Quality 3 and 4 star accommodation based on twin occupancy (Hopi Land x 1 night is more basic)
Single occupancy supplement may be available upon request
Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

A non-refundable deposit of  AUD $600 is required immediately to secure your booking.  50% of the balance is due by 22 February 2017 . If you must cancel before 22 February 2017, you may receive a refund minus your non-refundable AUD $600 deposit. The balance is due in full by 18 March 2017. After this date, there are no refunds. There is an Early-bird full payment of AUD $9450 to be received by 10 January 2017.

Please email info@sacredtravels.com.au or call Lin on +61 404 066 707 for payment details.


MT SHASTA, LA    15 – 26  June 2017    11 nights  AUD $8199/ USD $6305 approx


Mount Shasta
Vocal channel weekend

Explore Mt Shasta and her glorious lakes and waterfalls. Connect to the Spirit of Water in Water Ceremony. Sit in Sacred Medicine Circles sharing in sacred space from the heart. Practice Spiritual Healing, daily group sharing in Sacred Ceremonial space. Enjoy connecting with like-minded others. Visit the amazing Griffith Observatory in LA and discover new teachings through a Vocal Channelling weekend seminar. This is an amazing mystical tour of SELF DISCOVERY.

Small personalised groups
Domestic flights within US
Weekend Vocal Channelling Seminar
Transport and entry fees
Sacred Medicine Ceremonies
Spiritual Healing
Quality 3 and 4 star accommodation based on dual occupancy
Single occupancy supplement may be available upon request
Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

A non-refundable deposit of  AUD $600 is required immediately to secure your booking.  50% of the balance is due by 4 March 2017 . If you must cancel before 4 March 2017, you may receive a refund minus your non-refundable AUD $600 deposit. The balance is due in full by 4 April 2017. After this date, there are no refunds. There is an Early-bird full payment of AUD $7699 to be received by 9 February 2017.

Please email info@sacredtravels.com.au or call Lin on +61 404 066 707 for payment details.

ENGLAND –  SACRED SITES  10 – 23 July 2017   13 nights   AUD  $9919 / USD $7559 approx


6-day Spirit Communication Retreat

Visit the ancient Standing Stones of Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Crop Circles (if we’re lucky).  Share in Sacred Circle, practice the art of Spiritual Healing. Develop your intuition and psychic ability at a wonderful 6-day Spirit Communication Retreat. Stopover in London and boat ride on the canal to the famous Camden markets. Free time to see a show, museums, walk in Hyde Park, shop till you drop. This is an AWESOME tour.

Small personalised group
Airport pickup and drop off
6-day Spirit Communication Retreat including 3 meals a day where we explore Mediumship, private sittings and public demonstrating
Transport and entry fees
Spiritual Healing
Sacred Ceremony
Quality 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation based on twin occupancy
Single occupancy supplement may be available upon request

Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

A 30%  deposit of AUD $2865 / USD $2159 is required by 15 April 2017 to secure your booking. Balance of payment is due by 31 May 2017.

AUD$150 early-bird discount if deposit received by 1 March 2017

If a deposit is received up to 60 days before the start date of this tour, and you need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded less administrative costs and any accommodation and transport deposits made by Sacred Travels; unless you find a replacement who meets our health and fitness requirements. No refunds if you cancel later than 42 days prior to the journey start date.

Please email info@sacredtravels.com.au or call Lin on +61 404 066 707 for payment details.

BYRON BAY   28 September – 3 October 2017  5 nights  AUD $3255 / USD $2480 approxbyron-shot

Byron Bay

Byron Bay spiritual holiday retreat. Journey deeply into Sacred Ceremonial space. Whale watch, dolphin kayaking. Learn about Aboriginal culture. Learn the art of forgiveness and Spiritual Healing. Be massaged, dance, practice yoga on the beach, swim, sunbathe. Water Ceremony, Fire Ceremony. Visit the spectacular rainforests of Wollumbin (Mt Warning).  Connect with like-minded others. Allow yourself to just let go and RELAX.

Small personalised group
Whale Watching*
Yoga on the beach*
Dolphin Kayaking*
Spiritual Healing
Transport to events
Dance event
Group sharing
Sacred Ceremonies
Life path tarot reading
Quality 4 star Accommodation twin share
Single occupancy supplement may be available upon request

*Weather permitting or alternative options will be offered

Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

A non-refundable deposit of  AUD $600 is required immediately to secure your booking. 50% of the balance is due by 1 April 2017 . If you must cancel before 1 April 2017, you may receive a refund minus your non-refundable AUD $600 deposit. The balance is due in full by 1 May 2017. After this date, there are no refunds. There is an Early-bird full payment of AUD $9419 to be received by 28 February 2017.


To Be Advised

Bali + 7 day Detox and Yoga Retreat
Soak up the beauty of Bali as you relax, swim, dance and get pampered. Visit sacred sites, hot springs, waterfalls, and attend sacred ceremonies. Watch the sunset over the ocean from your hotel, swim in an infinity pool among the rice paddies. Attune to the river sounds from your rainforest hotel.  Shop till you drop . Then experience a 7-day detox retreat including daily massage, yoga and meditation to cleanse your body and shed weight before arriving home.

Small personalised group
Visit active volcano of Mount Batur
Therapeutic hot springs for spiritual renewal
Sacred Balinese Ceremony
Visit Monkey Forest
Ecstatic Dance evening
Learn Ayurvedic cooking
Learn the art of Spiritual Healing and Forgiveness
Life Path Tarot Reading
Airport pickup and drop off
Transport and entry fees
7-day Detox and Yoga Retreat includes all treatments, juices, consultations
Massage (including additional massages during 7-day detox)
Breakfasts (specific when detoxing)
Quality 4 star accommodation based on dual occupancy
Single occupancy supplement may be available upon request

Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance


Please email info@sacredtravels.com.au or call Lin on 0404 066 707 for payment details.


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~ Wild Spinner Dolphins, Big Island, Hawaii, United States ~










What is included?

What is included

• All domestic flights* (except Byron Bay Package)
• Quality 3 and 4 star twin-share accommodation at most events – single room supplement as optional extra (available on most tours)
• All  entrance fees and transfers to itinerary events and sacred sites
• Airport pickups and drop-offs
• Breakfasts
• Sacred ceremonies, teachings, healing and sharing
• Communication tools
• Wild dolphin swim and Lomi Lomi massage on Hawaii tour
• Vocal channelling weekend on Mount Shasta tour
• Massages during our Retreat on  Bali tour
• 6-day live-in Retreat (England tour – all meals provided) and Bali 7-day live-in Retreat (juices, herbs and detox meals included)
• Scenic flight over Grand Canyon on US South-West tour
• Life-path tarot reading on Byron Bay Retreat

*Please see specific tours under Travel Packages for more of What’s Included

Sacred Travels is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

What is not included

• ESTA Visa Waiver to enter United States for eligible passport holders or a  Visa if a non-eligible passport holder
• Comprehensive travel insurance is required as Sacred Travels is not held responsible for any thefts, accidents, illnesses incurred, as all due precautions for your safety will be taken.
• Single room supplement
• Gratuities and tips
• Transport for personal excursions, shopping
• Lunch, dinner except on UK tour where they are included during week retreat. During our Bali week Detox, all juices, herbs and detox meals are included
• Laundry and other personal expenses
• Additional activities not outlined in the itinerary

Each event will have its own awakening and each person receives their own unique message from this experience

* Our retreats are guided by Spirit so there may be slight changes to the itinerary which will be as magical



~ Chalice Well, Glastonbury, Somerset, England – A land of Mystical experience ~ 


















 Payment can be made by direct deposit into my bank account – please send email to info@sacredtravels.com.au instead of paying the PayPal transaction fee.
Once I have received your payment, I will email  the itinerary to you. On these sacred journeys, we are being guided by Spirit and changes to the itinerary may occur. We are learning to trust and flow. Wherever possible, Sacred Travels will adhere to the itinerary.
If you are an Australian citizen, and want to visit the United States, you will need to apply for an ESTA American Visa Waiver (certain requirements must be met). You can do this online at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ If you are of another nationality, please check this website to ascertain whether you are eligible for this Visa Waiver program.

For the Bali Package,  the US$35 for your Visa on Arrival at the airport will be paid by Sacred Travels.

Your information is only used to process your application and will never be sold, transferred or shared with any third parties, unless required by law. Please see Privacy Policy under menu.
Accommodation is based on twin-share. If you need to have your own room, there will be an additional cost to subsidise the difference in room costs where available.  Sacred Travels will do our best to match you with someone suitable of the same gender. If this is not possible, you will be responsible for paying the additional single occupancy supplement.  As we are travelling to so many different areas, most of our accommodation will be 4-star, some 3-star accommodation (usually just overnight).





~ Spiritual Healing at Grand Canyon, Arizona, US ~


















My mission is to assist in the upliftment of humanity, by staying in alignment with Source energy. To allow the highest forms of energy available to express through me, that I may guide and empower others to be and express who they are, with authenticity, passion and joy.


Small Group Tours with         Lin Bell ~  a bit about me

I grew up in South Africa, now live in Australia and have always been drawn to the mystical. As a child I was taught Spiritual Healing by my father and have worked in the Healing Arts for the past 38 years. I offer professional services including Spiritual Counselling-Kinesiology, create the popular Inner Self Guidance Cards and I practice Intuitive Channeling, Shamanic Empowerment, Spiritual Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Meditation and am also trained in Trauma Healing Indigenous.

I’ve spent time with Master Healers and Traditional Shamanic Elders and Teachers around the world. Some of you may remember my store, Shoomba in the early ‘90s – a unique (for it’s time) tribal art shop in Byron Bay – eco-friendly and full of artifacts from tribal cultures around the world I used to buy on my travel. So I

I love to see people transforming their lives, allowing their joy to express and become their guiding light. I love seeing them become empowered, connecting and trusting their own knowing.

What inspired Sacred Travels

After a serious motor accident in 2012, and months of enforced quiet time, I was finally fit enough to follow my dreams on an amazing 4.5 month journey around the world. As a regular overseas traveler for many years, exploring different cultures, I’d sit and learn from the Wise Ones. I’d plant crystals wherever I went, (including the Step Pyramid in Egypt) sowing my intention to be of service for the upliftment of humanity in some way. It took many years getting to know myself, internal cleansing of beliefs, opening up to new, exciting ways of being.

On this recent journey, I was guided to take small groups to these special energy vortexes so that participants could receive their own unique transmissions. Since then, an unstoppable flow of energy has been assisting me in creating these tours, which I am very excited to offer.

About the work Lin does

Healing occurs when there is a deep acceptance of all one’s choices in each moment, without judgment, without invalidating oneself.

Lin brings deep care and nurture into her work. She is skilled at holding space for you to explore your Inner Being and freedom to be yourself. Lin has created an itinerary to allow for ease and flow, balancing your various experiences with rest-relaxation integration time, and has selected quality accommodation and transport to enhance and support the programs in each area we visit.

Visit Lin’s healing website 


“Speak as if all that is becoming will protect you.”


“I would like to recommend Lin Bell as a genuine and gifted intuitive. She has been an authentic guide in my life and in many others.” Gina Lakosta – Indigenous Bridge Visionary, Healer, Event Coordinator, Poet

Lin is a treat of Total presence, love and care. The loving support, knowledge and attention she shares during her treatments are transformative and very nourishing.” Sangeeta – Lucknow Sankirtan Mullumbimby

~ ‘Land of Faerie’ at Akaka Falls entrance, Big Island, Hawaii, United States ~




















Top Sacred Site Destinations

Top Sacred Site Destinations and Power Centres

 As we travel to Sacred Earth destinations and participate
in ceremony , we activate the deep wisdom within us.  By attuning to nature and through collaboration with Elders, we open our hearts to more of our radiance and joy. Feel the excitement of travelling with a small group of like-minded others, sharing your dreams and intentions and seeding these in power places we visit. Deepen your connection with nature and let it speak to you and take you on a profound inner journey. Allow your beauty to shine and your wisdom to guide you so you come to a place of inner stillness and trust in your knowing.

Please click on the links below to take you to details about the various destinations

Sacred Earth Destinations for 2016  offer Spiritual Tours to Hawaii, US, England, Bali and Byron Bay, Australia


~ Powerful Spiritual Vortex of Castle Crags, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Ca, US ~


















Spiritual Mount Shasta

Spiritual centre and crown chakra of the planet, Mount Shasta serves as the dimensional gateway to the ancient civilisation of Lemuria. It is believed to anchor the keys for the centre of the Earth’s Mer-ka-bah, connecting with universal energies channelled from Sirius and the Pleiades.


Local surrounding Native American Nations believe spiritual Mount Shasta to be the center of creation. These tribes include the Shasta, Ahjumawi, Wintu, Karuk, Madoc and Klamat. The Wintu perform ceremonies and ritual dances each year, calling on the Spirit of the mountain to keep the sacred waters flowing. Just outside the town of Mt Shasta, the headwaters of the Sacramento River give forth an endless flow of clear clean water.

Spiritual Mount Shasta co-creates an energetic Vesica Pisces with the Sedona Vortex. Together, they are connected by a line of energy and their radiating electromagnetic fields combine, immersing the geographic locations between them in a resonance of 33 cycles per second. Because of the strong geophysical forces within the mountain, there are steam vents, hot and cold springs, purification sites, electrical centres and caverns that have been used as power spots by the Indigenous peoples for hundreds of years.



We visit unbelievable beauty and immerse ourselves in the sacred waters of the rivers, waterfalls and lakes, attuning to these highest frequencies and allowing them to fill us and bring through new understanding and awareness.

Mount Shasta is known as one of the seven sacred spiritual mountains in the world. It emits such a strong energy pattern that satellite photos show an atmospheric hole over its peak, similar to Sedona. Many have witnessed UFO’s coming and going in and out of the mountain, the entry point believed to be the doorway to the fifth dimension.

Some have seen Lemurians from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which sank beneath the ocean around 12,000 years ago. They appear from other dimensions of reality and have been described as graceful, tall, with large heads and wide foreheads.

Sasquatch, known as Bigfoot, have also been sighted in the area.

Mount Shasta is located in the Cascade Range, in Siskiyou Country in Northern California near the Oregon border. Situated at the end of the Sierra Nevadas, in the zone of volcanoes called the Pacific Ring of Fire, it reaches 4,322 meters and is the second highest peak in the Cascades. Mt Shasta is the cone of an extinct volcano.

What is Mer-Ka-Ba?

The Mer-Ka-Ba is the primal geometric electro-magnetic field that created all things and all universes. In Ancient Egypt, Mer meant rotating light, Ka meant spirit and Ba, the human body. The Mer-Ka-Ba assists us to uplift us from the third to the fourth dimension, assists time travel and teleportation.

~ Reference: http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/sep2/merkaba.htm

~ The Spiritual magic of Mossbrae Falls, Shasta Cascades, Ca, US ~




















Sedona Vortex -Top Sedona Spiritual Holiday

Sedona Vortex is one of the strongest energy grids on our planet, facilitating great awakening and healing. Powerful red rocks and vortexes of transformational energy fields. A place of many UFO sightings and access to multi-dimensional frequencies


Sedona is one of the highest vibrational energy frequency locations on our planet and one of the strongest inter-dimensional gateways for connections to other civilisations who serve to assist in balancing the energy grid of our planet.

Sedona Vortex is a spiritual power center, attracting seekers from all over the world, and has a strong New Age presence.

There are four main Vortexes. The Airport Vortex has a masculine energy. Red Rock Crossing and Cathedral Rock Vortex has a feminine energy. Boynton Canyon Vortex has a balance of both masculine and feminine as does Bell Rock Vortex. Interestingly, the Juniper Tree gives clues as to where the vortex energies are in the area. Where the power is strongest, the branches of the trees twist in a spiral along the length of their branches.


As we journey to this powerful land of Spirit, majestic beauty and ancient culture, you are invited to Walk the Path of the Ancient Ones. This is facilitated by Crystal Skull carrier, and intuitive medium, Stephanie Phelps. Activate knowledge within you through shamanic journeys, vision walks, and by connecting with earth wisdom. Share in ceremonial circles, drumming, Sweat Lodge and Sacred Pipe ceremony with a Sacred Shamanic Medicine Keeper. Spend a night on Hopi Land and share a Hopi meal in celebration of Harvest time. Learn to hear the voice within and use your intuition. Gather personal power and tools to enhance your life.

Around 1000 BC, Native American ancestors, the Sinagua, lived in pueblos and cliff houses. Here they farmed, made and traded pottery jewellery and baskets. They were also studied in their understanding of the stars.

~ Self Transformation at the powerful Vortex of Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona, US














Ancestral Land of The Grand Canyon

Watch in awe as the sun rises and sets over this powerful timeless ancestral landscape.


Become limitless as you allow your senses to expand and encompass All That Is. Imagine yourself out in space preparing for a moon landing as we glide over some of the vastness of the Canyon in a small plane.  Massaw, a Hopi Kachina, is said to guard this Sacred Initiation Site for the Hopi Nation. Hopi ceremonies, pilgrimages and rituals are interwoven at specific mountain peaks, springs and sacred sites and are linked to the life essence of these ancestral lands. Spend the night at the Canyon and watch the splendour of the sunset and sunrise. Then venture on to Hopi Land and participate in a Hopi meal celebrating the Harvest. Let your dreams teach you during your sleep in this ancient land.

Attune to the profound silence of this vast formation and allow your Beingness to be filled by the tremendous presence that abides here. Perhaps feel the thrill of a traditional condor fly over, with it’s seven foot wingspan, giving you a spiritual sign.

Arizona, ancestral area rich in traditional culture, is the home of the Navajo and Hopi Nations. According to the Hopi Indians, an inter-dimensional portal lies at the bottom of the Canyon. It was from here, that they first took on physical form on this earth.

The Grand Canyon Tribes include the Hualapai, who are called “People of the Pines”. There are also the Havasupai, Navajo (Dine Tribe) The Palute People are made up of two groups which have similar languages to the Uto-Aztecan family and cultures. Hopi and Zuni Tribes are also part of the Grand Canyon Tribal Nation.  Zuni creation story speaks of how the ancestors climbed from the world below on a reed to emerge in the Grand Canyon. This sacred place is now called Ribbon Falls.

At Havasu Falls, exquisite waterfalls cascade into the clear aqua blue pools in the heart of the Canyon. Havasupai Indians are the local peoples of this area and Havasupai means ‘people of the blue-green water’. Havasu Canyon is one of over 600 side canyons forming the 450 km long Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, is the second largest canyon in the world. It was first discovered by the Spanish in 1540 and archeological artifacts date back to 3500 years.






~ Ancestral lands of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, US ~























Ancient Mysteries of Sacred Sage Country

Burning sacred sage has long been used throughout different cultures, in  particular, the Native Americans. It is used as a tool in ceremonies for healing, to cleanse and purify, to remove negativity and to open to ancient mysteries


“Taos Mountain has been known for centuries as a place where those seeking Divine wisdom can come, experience the Power that knows the way, and turn that power into words to help others. Without help from this mountain, my years as the Bartholomew channel would have been much more difficult. Come and experience it for yourself.”  Mary-Margaret Moore – Bartholomew channel.

Just outside Taos, situated in northern New Mexico, we visit the Earthship Biotecture. This is a sustainable eco-friendly community built from recycled natural materials. Michael Reynolds, architect and founder of this community has spent over 40 years researching and developing sustainable living systems. Notice the futuristic designs, solar panelled roofs, Hobbit style dwelling, walls made from recycled tyres and beer bottles.



Almost all buildings in Taos, including the bank I visited, are built in adobe style. These are made from sun-dried clay bricks and create beautiful curved walls and cool comfortable insulation in the hot summer months.

The ancient mysteries of the Taos Hum is a low frequency sound often heard during the night and begins and ends unexpectedly.

We visit the ancient Pueblo belonging to the Tiwa speaking Native American tribe of Pueblo people. Set in a small tributary of the Rio Grande, this adobe settlement consists of dwellings and Kivas, ceremonial buildings. It represents the culture of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taos Pueblo has been home to these Peoples for over 1000 years. This community has successfully retained most of its traditional forms up to present day. They  live without electricity, and gather water from the nearby stream. The ancient mysteries, values and the native language, Tiwa, are guarded with sacredness by the Tribe. To this day, they remain unwritten and unrecorded. We watch these Traditional Peoples making their crafts and have the opportunity to purchase their art and taste their traditional fried bread.



~ Ancient mysteries of the Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico, US ~















Spiritual Alignment of Stonehenge

At Stonehenge we have the opportunity for spiritual alignment by connecting to these ancient standing stones close up. Our Earth has a crystalline structure with electromagnetic gates, vortexes, and doorways which connect to all other dimensional gates.

Our Earth is a giant crystalline geometric structure, with inter-dimensional doorways in certain areas. These are called vortices (vortexes), which are electromagnetic gates that connect our Earth to all other dimensional doorways in all other levels. These frequencies affect the vibratory patterns of our energies, conducive to spiritual alignment. Stonehenge was specifically built for this purpose as the vortices are very strong here.

Apparently there is another very strong vortex in the Isle of Man.

After the destruction of Atlantis, many of the survivors sought to regain their connection to nature. They built these stone magnets to create electro-magnetic fields for spiritual alignment.

Stonehenge, situated in Wiltshire County, is one of the most famous prehistoric spiritual sites in the world. Built on a major Earth power point, the stones weight between 4 and 50 tons and the mystery surrounding how they were transported has been the leading question.

Interestingly, Stonehenge has recently been found to have precision-like acoustics. It is also now known that, based on the discovery of binaural beats, an altered state of consciousness can be attained through the rhythmic tones of certain frequencies. This trance like state can also be experienced during ritualistic drumming. Alpha and Theta waves affect the brain patterns that bring about this altered state. With the exact tonal frequencies, Stonehenge emanates low Alpha waves that ring. This facilitates spiritual alignment and healing.





~ Spiritual Alignment of the Stonehenge Standing Stones, Wiltshire, England ~












Glastonbury, Land of Mystical Experience

King Arthur and Guinevere Land of Mystical Experience. We visit the Tor and meditate in the tranquil sanctuary of the Chalice Well gardens. Explore the art of scrying for visions in the sacred waters of the Holy Chalice Well.


The throat Chakra of the planet, the energy of expression, creativity, communication. Mystical Avalon, home to the legendary King Arthur and Guinevere. It is said that this is where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged. The ancient magic and alchemy of the Priestesses and Druids speak to us at this sacred site. Glastonbury, a land of enchantment and mystery, that attracts spiritual seekers from around the world,  is also renowned for UFO sightings and balls of coloured lights are often seen spiralling the Tor. It is also a powerful vortex of ley lines.

Glastonbury, once known as Ynys Witrin, the ‘Isle of Glass’ or Avalon, formed an island and was a sea-port, which later became a marshy freshwater lake as the ocean receded. According to Pagan and Celtic lore, Avalon was the crossing over place of the Dead, where they passed from one world to another. The name Avalon derives from the demigod, Celtic Avalloc, who ruled the Underworld. Avalon was also known as Faerie Glass Mountain and home of Cerridwen, the goddess of prophecy and magic.

Legend goes that a Christian hermit who lived in a cell on the Tor, was visited by messengers of the Faery King, Gwyn Ap Nudd. They persuaded him to go to the king’s castle at the top of the Tor. When he arrived and entered the other world, he refused to eat. He splashed holy water everywhere and immediately, the faeries and castle disappeared.

It is told that Joseph of Arimatheia arrived here from the Holy Land.  Upon his arrival, he planted his staff in the nearby Wearyall Hill. This miraculously grew into a hawthorn tree, named the Glastonbury Thorn. The offshoots of this tree still flower every Christmas and grow in the Abbey grounds of Glastonbury, at Chalice Well and also at St Johns Church. Joseph also brought the Holy Grail, the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper with him. It is believed that the cup contained two drops of blood from the wounded Jesus on the cross.

There are also stories of the Virgin Mary being buried here.

Chalice Well

Some tales speak of Joseph burying the Grail at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, at the entrance to the Underworld. This caused a spring, called Chalice Well to gush forth.  This is situated at the base of the Tor, has a reddish spring from the strong iron it contains, and is known as the Blood Spring and has healing properties. The lid of the Well has an engraved Vesica Pisces symbol representing the feminine, whilst the Tor represents the masculine principle. A sword dissects these two circles, perhaps relating to King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur.

A World Peace Garden, this tranquil meditative sanctuary provides an opportunity to sit and reflect in the stillness and experience that which speaks within.

Glastonbury Tor

As legend goes, this is the home of faerie, mystical experience and of Gwyn ap Nudd, Lord of the Underworld.  The spiral leading up the 500 foot hill to the top of the Tor is synonymous with spirals of a coiled serpent or dragon. This represents the natural cycle of birth, death and rebirth in the old way. It is believed there are hidden underground tunnels and springs within the Tor, containing a spiral maze within as well as without. A site of goddess fertility rituals, Druid initiation ceremonies, and celebrations. In  the late twelfth century, the first church was built on the Tor, and was dedicated to dragon-slayer, Archangel Michael, to suppress Pagan rituals believed by the Christians, to be demonic.

Glastonbury Abbey

This is where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are buried. A legend has it that after King Arthur’s passing, Lancelot remained at the Abbey.





~ A land of Mystical experience, The Tor, Glastonbury, Somerset, England ~












Spiritual Power of Crop Circles

As we pass through Wiltshire on our way to Avebury Standing Stones, we may be lucky and see a Crop Circle. Here a field of wheat transforms into a symmetrical work of art overnight. We will have the opportunity stop and attune to the spiritual power of these energies.


Most crop circles appear in fields of wheat or other grains near roadsides making them easily visible, especially in areas around Avebury and Stonehenge. Although most of them have appeared in the United Kingdom since the 1970s,  there have been many sited around the world on a frequent basis.

Although some crop circles have been proved to be man-made hoaxes, some of the crop circles that have been appearing since 2000 are so intricate, that any one may contain a couple of thousand shapes complete with mathematical characteristics. There is now physical and scientific evidence showing that most of them are not man-made as they contain levels of radiation and magnetic particles. An interesting phenomenon of a crop circle is that the wheat stems bend at an angle without being crushed so that the ears are still harvestable. They have also found an increased germination potency from seeds as well as chemical changes and crystalline formations in the soil, including strong concentrations of iron oxides from meteoric dust.

A team had set up a camera and in the middle of the night, there was a blinding white flash. A crop circle was made in about 7 minutes and was 450 x 153 meters. It had over 160 circles in a two acre area of wheat that had been flattened.

In 1996, two airplane pilots flew over Stonehenge twice that day. They were interested in crop circle formations and on the first flight, they didn’t notice anything unusual in the fields. However, thirty minutes later, on the second flight, an amazing crop circle had formed very close to the Stones without any of the visitors realizing it.

When measured for their electro-magnetic frequencies, crop circles show levels are up to ten times the norm. Also, aircraft flying over crop circles have reported compasses spinning out of control and faults with electronic equipment like mobile phones and watches.

Crop circles radiate a subtle spiritual power  which can be felt in our body. These frequencies can be measured using a pendulum or with dowsing sticks. It is believed that Crop Circles carry the spiritual power of the language of symbols for the purpose of waking us up to Ourselves. They are an extension of the collective consciousness merging with other dimensional beings’ consciousness. This blending occurs through vibrational resonant electromagnetic energy manipulation.

Ref: http://www.crop-circles.eu/pages/origine_agroglyphes.php?lang=en



~ Spiritual power of Crop Circle near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England that represents an Aztec Sun Stone ~















Ley Lines of Avebury Standing Stones

Spend a night near the Ley Line at Avebury Henge, relax and immerse in the magical energy of these ancient standing stones and listen to them speak.


On our spiritual tour, we visit, Avebury, which is situated in Wiltshire county. Avebury is recognised as a spiritual mystical centre, and is built on the St Michael ley line, which runs across England from Cornwall to East Anglia. The positioning of the Avebury standing stones are of significance in the observation of the heavens and extra terrestrial craft.

This peaceful Neolithic henge is the largest prehistoric circle in Britain, dating back to the Bronze Age, to around 2600 BC. It consists of three stone circles including the world’s largest outer stone circle.  These stones are listed as a World Heritage Site, and include the Merlin Stone and the Adam and Eve Stones. Each stone weighs approximately 20 tons and is made from local sandstone. The shorter stones are considered to be female, whilst the taller ones are male.

The Standing Stones forming Avebury Henge are listed as one of the wonders of the West Country because of their natural components. They are surrounded by a ditch and bank circle, which encloses most of Avebury village. The area is divided into four by two roads which run through the middle of it. It is believed the Henge once had four entrances, each representing the four directions.  Originally, there were two ceremonial avenues lined with stones, and inside the northern inner circle, a triangular stone formation known as the Cove. This was thought to be aligned to the moon’s northernmost rising point. The southern inner circle is reported as having had a giant Obelisk in the centre, and was once the Temple of British Druids. Avebury is linked to Silbury Hill. It is also connected to the Sanctuary (once a stone circle), and to the West Kennet Long Barrow burial chamber.


~ Original layout map of Avebury courtesy of http://static.newworldencyclopedia.org ~

Many of the original stones were destroyed to prevent pagan rituals by the early fourteenth century Christians. Now only 27 stones of the Outer circle still survive. Today, Pagan rituals continue as a sacred place of worship, and the National Trust, in their role as caretakers, consult with the Pagans to encourage understanding between visitors and the Pagan community. This site has also been associated with ancestor worship because archeologists have found scattered human bones here.

What are Ley Lines?

Just as we humans have energy meridians flowing through our bodies, connecting to all of creation, so too does our Earth weave her energy grid, called Ley Lines.These connect to sacred sites, power centres and vortexes of energy, and it is usually here that we find temples or structures of ancient cultural significance as our ancestors attuned to these vibrations.

Nearby Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill, which is part of the Avebury complex and the highest man-made mound in Europe, is believed to have been created as a fertility site, in time for the Celtic harvest festival of Lughnasadh (Lammas). It is also known as having a precise geomantic relation with the Obelisk that was once in the centre of the Avebury complex.

The meridian line from nearby Silbury Hill runs through Avebury church, which is built on the ley line that runs between Stonehenge and the stone circle at Winterbourne Abbey. Interestingly, the Roman road between Marlborough and Bath, runs towards Silbury Hill and then swerves to avoid it. This suggests the Roman road followed a ley line.

There is a spring a few meters away, which is the source of the River Kennet (once called Cunnit), a name associated with the Goddess and fertility. This river becomes the River Thames passing through London before entering the North Sea.

~ Ley Line of Avebury Stone Henge, Avebury, Wiltshire, England ~















Spiritual Renewal through Hawaii’s Aloha

Swim with wild dolphins, rest, relax, visit magical waterfalls.  Allow spiritual renewal attuning to fire goddess, Pele. Teachings with Kahuna and receive traditional LomiLomi Massage.

Set in the location of ancient Lemuria, Hawaii is known as the Heart Chakra of Gaia. As we pay our respects to Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, we allow ourselves to breathe in Her gift of fire and passion, to assist in spiritual renewal, transforming our lives.

Feel the nature speak to you as we explore magical places and attune to the Faerie realm on our visit to spectacular waterfalls. Swimming close to and attuning to wild dolphins is an incredibly exhilarating experience. Sit in sacred ceremony and share our intentions for humanity and all of life.

We learn about the meaning of the Aloha Spirit of Ho’oponopono as we sit with a Kahuna (Teacher) Elder, who brings through the spiritual voices of her ancestors. Through Mo’olelo-story telling we gain deeper understanding about Aunty’s culture and Aloha Spiritual renewal of values for self, others and the environment. Then gift  your body a traditional LomiLomi massage and soak it all in.

What is Ho’oponopono?

When we hold feelings of resentment, bitterness, anger and other negative emotions towards ourselves and others, we close down the natural flow of love from our hearts. We may feel confused, overwhelmed, mistrustful of life itself. How then to free ourselves? By simply allowing oneself to connect with the waves of the feelings that arise, and without judging, to soften into them. This allows for compassion towards oneself to arise, to melt the resistances. Being kind, respectful and gentle with oneself is the beginning of forgiveness and forgiveness begins with oneself. Only then can we truly forgive what we see in others and experience spiritual renewal.


Pele, goddess of fire and Hawaiian volcanoes, is revered by locals and visitors alike. Hawaii Big Island has five volcanoes, three of which are currently active. . Mauan Loa Volcano is situated on the Kohala coast. Known as the sleeping giant, as it is currently dormant, Mauan Loa is the tallest mountain in the world if measured from the sea-floor at 10,000 meters. Her most recent eruption was in 1984. The city of Hilo is partly built on lava flows which occurred in the late 19th century.

Kilauea Volcano began erupting continuously in 1983. These flows moved in a southerly direction from the Pu’u ‘O’o spatter cone on Kilauea’s summit until June 2014, when a new flow began in a north-easterly direction. By October, Pahoe village was under threat of being engulfed. The eruptions of Kilauea Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes on Big Island, continues to create more land mass, although lava flow is unpredictable. Prior to 2011, one was able to watch an incredible sight of molten lava flowing straight into the ocean. This ceased when the Pu’u ‘O’o crater floor collapsed and redirected the flow.




~ Spiritual renewal of the fire of Pele, goddess of volcanoes, Big Island, Hawaii, US ~















Byron Bay Spiritual Transformation

Spend a few days on a Byron Bay spiritual holiday Retreat.  Sit in sacred ceremony and connect to the powerful earth vibrations, and what it means to honour Mother Gaia.  Immerse yourself in spiritual transformation. Beautiful Cape Byron is situated on the most easterly point of Australia with her glorious beaches and rainforests, waterfalls and rivers.


Be nurtured, uplifted and restored to full power as you soak up the sunshine on the sands of beautiful Byron beaches and breathe in the lush green of the surrounding rainforests we visit. Begin to unwind, relax and connect to your Inner Self. Allow for spiritual transformation. Feel the gentle support as you explore your journey of self discovery. Honour yourself and Mother Gaia as you set your intention in sacred ceremony. Allow your heart to open through deep listening and sharing with like-minded others. Practice the art of Forgiveness.

Byron Bay has been a sacred healing and birthing area for thousands of years, a place of higher initiation and part of the major song-line (ley line) that crosses Australia. Known as Cavvanbah by the local Bundjalung and Arakwal nations, this is translated to  ‘meeting place’ and true to it’s name, Byron Bay attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

A place to breathe, chill out, reflect, dress as you please, have eye contact as you walk down the street, feel free.

Aboriginal Elders refer to Byron Bay as a sacred healing and birthing place, a place of spiritual transformation. It has been so for thousands of years, and to this day, there are gatherings, sacred ceremonies, birthing rituals, healing circles, dancing and  music in the streets.


Above image of Cape Byron, NSW, most easterly point of Australia and known as the head of the Rainbow Serpent


Below Byron Bay dolphins surfing


At dawn, Cape Byron is the first place on this continent to receive the sun’s rays. These rays blend with the giant crystal that forms the peak of Sacred Mount Warning, Wollumbin, the highest mountain close to the coast. Wollumbin sends the sun’s rays across to the centre of Australia, to Uluru, the heart centre of this nation and the Third Chakra Centre of our Planet.

The head of the Rainbow Serpent is known to begin at Little Wategoes Beach, Cape Byron, This Northern Rivers area is called the Rainbow Region and the Rainbow Serpent is believed to be the giver of life as it is associated with water.

The crystalline earth energies contain the powerful black obsidian, which is known to bring up your deepest feelings. This creates an opportunity for them to be seen, accepted and integrated. By accepting the changes that arise and embrace new choices and possibilities we have the opportunity for spiritual transformation, to expand our consciousness and come home to ourselves.


~ Spiritual Transformation at Australia’s most Easterly beach, The Pass, Byron Bay, NSW ~








Wollumbin-Mount Warning Sacred Ancestral Site

Wollumbin, once a Volcano which last erupted over 22 million years ago, and surrounding volcanic rim, known as the Mount Warning Caldera, form the largest extinct shield-rim volcano in the world. This is the oldest link to the original supercontinent, Gondwanaland, and makes for incredibly lush, pristine rainforests and clear mountain streams, and ancestral wisdom.


According to local Ngaraakwal/Githabul Edler, Uncle Harry Boyd, Custodian of this Sacred Mountain Wollumbin is called Wulambiny Momily (Turkey Nest). Momily being the Caldera itself and Wulambiny where the ancestors are buried.

The dreamtime story goes ‘Once, long ago, turkeys could fly great distances. One turkey, who had flown a fair distance joined a gathering of other birds to talk, when suddenly, a giant bird approached. They all flew away in fright and the turkey flew all the way to Wollumbin, only stopping when he reached the top of the great mountain to catch his breath. But, as he rested, he was wounded in the head by a spear from a warrior. Because of it’s head wound, the turkey could no longer fly far. That is why today, turkeys can only fly short distances before they must rest, and if you look at Wollumbin, you can see the mountain top has a small bend in it where the spear hit the turkey. The mountain tip is the point of the warrior’s spear.’

Because Wollumbin, also known as Cloud Catcher or Weather-maker, is the highest point close to the most easterly point of Australia, Cape Byron, it is the first place on mainland Australia to receive the sun’s rays. This is of great importance culturally, as the sun is the source of energy and life. An ancestral ceremonial and initiation site, Wollumbin is sacred to the Indigenous Peoples of Australia and is now listed as a World Heritage site.

In the Wollumbin dreamtime story, the Warrior Chief and the Warrior Spirits of the mountain cause the lightning and thunder often seen around the area. You can see the face of the Warrior Chief when you look toward the mountain from the north. Under local Aboriginal Law, only the initiated can ascend the mountain.


Excerpt taken from “Our Land Our Spirit” Aboriginal Sites of North Coast New South Wales by Jolunda Nayutah and Gail Finlay, 1988. North Coast Institute for Aboriginal Community Education



~ Sacred Ancestral mountain, Wollumbin, Mt Warning National Park, NSW, Australia ~
















Bali Relax + 7-day Spiritual renewal, Detox, Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Relax and unwind in beautiful Bali. An opportunity for Spiritual renewal through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Detox. Cleanse your body with herbs and massage, prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor.



Unwind, relax and be pampered in beautiful Bali staying in wonderful 4-star accommodation. Swim, and soak up all that Vitamin D from the sun. Dance your wildness at ecstatic dance evening. Shop till you drop and then watch the sun set over the ocean from your hotel.

Explore Balinese culture and attend sacred ceremony. Connect to the Bali Sea in prayer at the holy shrine as you drift into a beautiful Balinese sunset at Tanah Lot. We visit the active volcano of Mount Batur, situated at the the center of two concentric calderas and invite the fire of Earth’s underbelly to ignite your passion for life. Feel the therapeutic waters of the hot springs wash away those aches and experience a spiritual renewal.

Allow the expansiveness as you swim in an infinity pool among the rice paddies at your hotel. Then attune to the sounds of the forest river from your next hotel room in Ubud. Rest and integrate your experiences by attending a 7-day Ayurvedic detox, yoga, meditation and spiritual renewal retreat. This includes treatments and consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor. This will assist your body to cleanse and shed weight and you will learn about a healthy way of eating. Receiving massage is part of the daily therapy treatment!

Interested in Ayurvedic cooking? Then here’s an opportunity to learn about it.

*This detox is optional – you can still participate in the retreat, meditate, and practice yoga while you learn how to eat healthily 

~ Spiritual renewal Retreat in beautiful Ubud, Bali – near the Rice Fields, Indonesia ~
















Intuition, Spiritual Development and Spirit Communication

Explore your Spiritual Development, connect to your Spirit Guides, receive Spiritual messages on our Mount Shasta and England Sacred Site tours.


Explore your spiritual development and your ability to channel through healing, spirit communication, or any other medium. On our Mount Shasta tour, during our stay in Los Angeles, we spend 2 days attending a vocal channelling seminar with a multi-dimensional being.


We also attend a 7-night retreat at the famous Arthur Findlay College in England, lovingly known as ‘Hogwarts’ where all things spiritual and mystical are the norm. Here you get to work as a group, allowing your spiritual development by exploring altered states, connecting to your Spirit Guides, receiving spiritual messages and more with experienced tutors. An opportunity to explore your spiritual development through blending with Spirit and discovering more of  your gifts of Intuition and Spirit communication.

Stansted Hall, an English mansion, was built in 1871, and was gifted to the Spiritualists Union by Arthur Findlay in 1964 to promote the idea of a Spiritualist College.

Mary-Margaret Moore, who channeled the famous Bartholomew teachings will be our teacher along the Sacred Sage journey.

“’Love is always here, pulsating through all that I do. And all my pain isn’t because I am not loved, but because I forgot that I could Love’.  Love is not an abstraction, it is a quality of Being that exists in everyone in equal measure. It can be activated at any time by the conscious will that says, ‘I CHOOSE TO LOVE.’  The Law of Love will show you clearly the actions, the words, and the thoughts that you need to perform or think. All the rest is just a Remembrance of Illusions.”

Ref: Bartholomew, 1987, From the Heart of a Gentle Brother, High Mesa Press, Taos, NM

















Chakra and Vortex Energy Fields

There are different kinds of energy centres around the earth; some are called Earth Chakras, similar to the Chakra system in our own bodies. A vortex is a power centre


Chakras pour energy into our world and radiate energy out.  They tap into the Earth, into different dimensional planes, as well as the solar system. Chakras regulate and pulsate electro-magnetic frequencies which create a vibrational stability. Vortices are like drains. Because Vortexes facilitate the flow of energy out and act as gateways to various vibrational, energy and dimensional states, they can be used as portals to different dimensions.

Earth Chakra Centers

Crown Chakra – Mount Shasta, US
Third Eye Chakra – Mount Kailas, Himalayas
Throat Chakra – Glastonbury, England
Heart Chakra – Haleakala volcano, Maui, Hawaii
Solar Plexus Chakra – Mt Fuji, Japan
Sacral Chakra – Lake Titicaca, Peru
Base Chakra – Uluru, Australia

 Our planet is a crystalline structure, surrounded by an energy grid with gateways. These grid points culminate to form vortexes, which allow the flow- through of electro-magnotheric energy. These pulsate together with the planetary chakras and can be used to amplify or adjust our own electro-magnotheric vibrations in many ways.

Some Vortex Centres

Sedona, United States
Pyramids at Giza, Egypt
Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia
Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Wollumbin (Mount Warning), NSW, Australia
Easter Island, Chile
Findhorn, Scotland
Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India
Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, Israel
Joshua Tree, California, United States
The Bermuda Triangle is a famous vortex, well-known for paranormal activity.
























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